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I work as an IT Consultant to design and deliver effective solutions for National and Global Organisations. Mainly I work with Modern Management and Cloud software including Endpoint Manager, Azure, Windows 10 and PowerShell. In addition I have Security Software and Compliance/Risk experience to meet customer expectations and regulatory requirements.
In the past I worked with VMware ESXi, Citrix and Cisco technologies.

I have extensive experience with Microsoft Products, Virtualisation, App Packaging and Deployment. I configure and test a wide range of Desktop, Server and Mobile based Apps including Open Source.

Technology I am working with:
Windows 10, Endpoint Manager, Intune MDM, Azure, Security Baselines and Guidelines for EUC and Cloud Solutions.
I am familiar with the DevOps culture and enjoy learning a bit of Linux as well.

I am passionate about UI/UX in services I deliver. I think it’s important to provide a great customer and employee experience. Try out the Dark Mode switch below which I recently customised with CSS Classes.

Registered as a Windows 10 Insider I test Windows features and other Vendor Apps to suggest new features and improvements. I try to reflect my skills in my blog by making things clear simple and focused.


I am interested in:
Astronomy, History, Culture, Physics, Football, & Travel.

I am always willing to hear about a great product, service or blog so please get in touch 😀

Imran @1iquk

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