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I work as an IT Consultant designing solutions for Global Organisations using Modern Management and Cloud based SaaS software. These include Endpoint Manager (Intune), Azure, Windows 10 and PowerShell. The solutions include Secure by Design (SBD) and Zero Trust Principles to meet the Security, Risk and Compliance requirements required for today’s Organisations.
In the past I worked with App Packaging, VMware ESXi, Citrix and Cisco technologies.

I have worked with Microsoft Products, Virtualisation, App Packaging and Deployment Tools. I configure and test a wide range of Desktop, Server and Mobile based Apps including Open Source. I am registered as a Windows 10 Insider and provide feedback to Microsoft and other Vendors for new features and improvements in their Software.

Technology I am working with:
Windows 10, Endpoint Manager (Intune MDM), Azure and Linux.
Surface/Dell/HP/Lenovo Hardware
I am interested in the DevOps culture and Kanban as a method of tracking and managing work.
I am passionate about UI/UX. I think it’s important to provide a great customer and employee experience.


I am interested in History, Culture and Physics. When I can get outdoors I enjoy Climbing, Archery and travelling with my Family.
If you have a product, service or blog or want to contact me generally please get in touch. 😀

Imran @1iquk

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