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Installing Flexera AdminStudio 2018 with SQL Server 2017

AdminStudio 2018

Adminstudio can be used to manage and repackage applications as well as check for compatibility and upgrade readiness.

Application Readiness

Apps reach end of support so need to be upgraded. Mobile app management requirements opportunity to increase efficiency, reduce costs, minimise risk and manage ongoing changes.

Admin Studio Suite and App Portal

Flexera 6 step App Readiness Process:
Identify > Rationalise > Assess Compatibility > Plan > Fix & Package > Deploy

App Readiness Maturity Model

Level 1 – Basic Packaging – Apps are just packaged no standard process or alignment of teams. Recommended to create a central app portfolio and standardise the packaging processes.
Level 2 – Standard Process – Standards maybe for a single operating environment. New tech such as VDI and Mobile Apps can cause disruption. Recommended to make processes for Physical virtual and mobile apps and automating process steps with workflow automation.
Level 3 – Efficient Delivery – Comprehensive compatibility assessment integrated within and across steps. Streamlining previously disjointed packaging processes. To move from level 3 to 4 recommended to integrate and automate processes between teams. Publish apps directly to end users via an enterprise app store.
Level 4 – Change Ready – complete end to end automated process for managing apps across entire lifecycle. Single point of service for apps and licenses. IT has integrated with other related business processes such as integration with sw licensing optimisation and ITSM. The licensing spend is optimised and service delivery and support exceed expectations.

Process Maturity and Business Value increases going up each level. Faster more reliable app delivery, lower costs, decreased risk.

AdminStudio App Manager

Manages and automates apps. Customisations and packages can be organised. This can be imported to SCCM as packages. Windows Updates can be added to App Manager to see any impact the updates make to those apps. It shows you the OS compatibility of those Apps. Report Center can show how the app is impacted by corporate policy and how they behave with each other. You can distribute the app to the Flexera App Portal.

Virtual Apps

AdminStudio supports App-V, ThinApp, XenApp and Symantec Workspace Virtualisation. AdminStudio can assess suitability and compatibility for an App to be Virtualised. Automatically batch convert Apps to Virtual Apps. Apps can be pulled from local folders, network shares, sccm or admin studio app catalog. It can also support various formats. With App Converter we can connect directly to Hyper-V, VMWare vSphere or Workstation and automate management of virtual machines for repackaging. It can output MSI or virtual Packages. A report displays how the conversion went. You can customise App-V apps post conversion

App Portal

SW license compliance and controlled deployment. Check licences in use, obtain approvals, automate workflows, improve efficiency of app request process and claim unused licenses. Reduces cost on licensing. App Portal displays the software to the end user.

Install AdminStudio 2018

DL and Install SQL Server Express 2017

Run the SQL Installer > Select Download Media > Click Express Core

Run SQL Setup > Setup check firewall warning can be ignored for now > default paths, click next > named instance, default > set sql server browser to automatic > Click Collation tab > Set to: SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS  > Leave default user, click next > The db will now install > Click close once done.

Run AdminStudio 2018 Install > Click Agree > select default location > shared location default (connection info to catalog db and settings) In Production set this to mapped drive so its easier if there are multiple users using AdminStudio > Click Typical Install > Finish

Run AdminStudio 2018 > Select Evaluate > Create New App Catalog > Select SQL Server > > Click Test > Click Next > Skip Software Repository > Firewall Popup > Click ok for Private network > Click Finish.

SQL Express 2017:

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