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Nemo file manager tips and tricks, Windows explorer features

While working in Linux Mint I noticed some features I use in Windows Explorer were not there in the Nemo File Manager in Linux Mint. I posted this as a feature request to the Nemo team on Github.
The helpful guys got back to me and showed me what I needed to do to enable these features (highlighted below in blue).

In Win Explorer:

  1. I dragged folders with the right mouse button held down this would provide me with the context menu and gave me options to copy, move, create shortcut, cancel. Useful if you want to move a folder instead of clicking Cut and then opening the folder and Paste.
    Hold alt while dragging to get an Ask menu when dragging. By default, a drag moves files within the same filesystem and copies when files are in different ones. Holding control while dragging will always force a copy.
    You need to start dragging the file/folder then hold alt then release the mouse and keep alt held down.
    nemo screen
  2. Left clicking the text on a folder once lets you rename it. This would be useful instead of having to right click > rename or pressing F2. (I found this in Nemo Prefs maybe it can be set as default)
    edit->preferences->Behavior->Click on a file’s name twice to rename it
    click to rename
  3. I can start a folder name with _ and it moves to the front of the folder list when it is arranged by name. This is useful when you have lots of folders and want to prioritise certain ones to the front of the folder list. I tried this in Nemo and it just goes on the next letter after _ and arranges it like that. The numbers work such as 1. 2. 3. which can get messy. The _ and symbols would be useful as it is in Windows.
    The sort by name order is local aware and global for your user account so this is is something nemo isn’t aware of.E.g. your underscore first sort should work in an “ASCIIbettical” sort order.
    You can try it out by stating nemo from a terminal with the following commands:
    export LC_COLLATE=C
    unfortunately it will sort underscores between uppercase and lowercase characters…If this is what you want you can either set this line in your .bashrc or in /etc/locale.conf and run the command local-gen (root privileges required)

    This was not possible so I started the folder names with 0 instead.

  4. When left clicking on the folder name at the top in explorer it changes to the folder path and can be copied/edited. The same can be done when right clicking the folder name a menu pops up to copy/edit.
    Ctrl-L will toggle between ‘breadcrumbs’ path bar, and location entry, which will show you the current path.
    nemo file path


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