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Imran Qureshi Posts

DevOps for Dummies 3rd Ed. Notes

Register for free ebook DL: DevOps for Dummies 3rd Edition or read the book here: Beyond the book refs: » » IBM DevOps Solution: » » DevOps — the IBM approach (white paper): » » The Software Edge (study): » » Adopting the IBM DevOps…

Shutdown ESXi 6.5u1 Server with Plink Command

plink -ssh -2 -pw Windows1 root@ “/sbin/ && /sbin/poweroff” Tested on HP Gen8 MicroServer REFS:  

Windows 10 System Image Manager (SIM) Unattend answer file

Note: OS Used is Windows 10 Creator’s Update Enterprise Trial (Win10CU-EntT) DL ADK 1703 from here: Install deployment tools from ADK which includes Windows SIM.Open PS run this:Go to path of adksetup.exe Run Windows SIM with this command in PS: Mount Windows 10 ISO right click file and Mount.Open…