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SCCM 2012 R2 Notes, Links and Resources

Whats new in CM 2012, 2012 Sp1, 2012 R2, 2012 R2 Sp1

Changes since CM 2007:
Site install new options: In a multi primary site a central site now known as central administration site.
A CAS is not a primary site at top of hierarchy but is used for reporting and facilitate comms between primary sites in the hierarchy. Supports limited selection of site system roles and does not directly support clients or process client data.

These site roles MP and DP can be configured during setup.
The site system roles are installed locally on SS (site server). After install you can add DP on another server. The MP for secondary site is a supported role only on SS.
The secondary site can only be installed from the CM Console. You can install the console during setup or install after using the consolesetup.exe

You no longer install site servers with source files for specific language or international client packs. You can choose this from setup. CM uses display language of host OS, english is default.
Unattended install script auto generated. This can be modified: %TEMP%\ConfigMgrAutoSave.ini

SCCM Links:

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